About Us

We are one of the most trusted source for supply of:

Precious, Semi-precious Metals & Diamonds in the world, forging long term relationships between real buyers & real sellers.

Our supply experience lies in:

  • 24K & 23K Gold Bars
    • Gold Dore Bars & Nuggets
    • Copper Sheets
  • Rough Diamonds
  • Cut Diamonds
  • Steel Rebars
  • Steel Billets
  • HMS 1 Metal Scrap

Our Due Diligence Process

Metal Synergy’s strength lies in ensuring the sellers are real, commodities on sale actually exist and last but not the least buyer’s are genuine too.

We do this by using contacts & experience within the trade industry worldwide, our experience in identifying document fraud and in some cases we also use help of law enforcement in various countries & private investigators for one & only primary objective – countering fraud.

All genuine buyers or sellers who transact via Metal Synergy comply with our mandatory documentary requirements including but not limited to identification documents, Proof of Product certificates, valid SKRs, bank status letters, videos and if necessary professional references.

Only after Metal Synergy’s team is satisfied with the documents provided, we move forward with the transaction process between buyers and sellers protecting the agents in between with IMFPAs or custom agreements.


Gold Bars & Diamonds We Trade In

Cut Diamonds

Kimberley Certified Diamonds

Cut Diamonds

Upto 1000 Karats Kimberley Certified Diamonds Availale.

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Gold Bars

Various Purity & Karat Levels Available.

Gold Bars & Bullion

23K, 24K with purity upto 99.96%, 30 Tons & More with SKR Available.

Gold Buyer LOI Form

Rough Diamonds

Kimberly Certified Rough Diamonds

Rough Diamonds

Upto 1000 Karats Kimberly Certified Available.

Diamonds Buyer LOI Form

Metal Rebars, Billets, HMS1 Metal Scrap & More


Certified Billets.


Common Sizes Available In Stock from Certified Factories.

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Steel Rebars

Various Grades of EU, US & ME Certified Steel Rebars.

B500B, A615 Grade 60

All Lengths and quantity of steel rebars available in stock.

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HMS1 Metal Scrap

Various forms of HMS1 Grade Scrap

HMS1 Metal Scrap

HMS1 Metal Scrap Available - 300,000 Tons & more. Can be delivered to any port or city.

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Our Trading Process

Step 1 - Buyer LOI and Due Diligence

LOI (Letter of Intent):

In order to facilitate a buyer’s query, Metal Synergy requires an LOI from the primary Buyer or Buyer’s Agent.

An LOI must be on Buying Company’s letterhead, signed and emailed to [email protected]

Alternatively, an LOI can also be submitted by clicking on the approprate form below relating to your category of query:


Due Diligence:

Metal Synergy follows strict due diligence process to ensure all queries are genuine before invoking seller’s interest. Please read our Due Diligence policy above for more information.

Step 2 - SCO, IMFPA, NCNDA and SPA

On behalf of seller or buyer, Metal Synergy will send a copy of SCO, SPA IMFPA and NCNDA drafts for all parties involved to agree on.

Metal Synergy then facilitates for the seller by securing POF (Proof of Funds) from Buyer and for the buyer, POP (Proof of Product) from the seller respectively.

Our experience and process are well respected among the genuine buyer and seller community in metals and diamonds trade.

Step 3 - Shipment and Payment

Metal Synergy has the right contacts with secure shipment providers for Gold & Diamonds and reliable freight movers for non-precious metal commodities to arrange delivery as per agreement.

Metal Synergy will request for an IMFPA with agreed commission percentage from the seller and an NCNDA from the Buyer before signing of SPA is organised.

We are metals & diamond trading experts with established contacts with various metal manufacturers, gold refineries and diamond traders around the world. Get in touch with us with as much details as possible so that we can assist you better. Thank You
  • [email protected]We reply within 24 hours
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Sydney, Australia

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